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SHADOWVERSE: Champion's Battle

Available Now!
Available Now!


Late to your first class as the newest transfer student at Tensei Academy, you run into Hiro Ryugasaki, self-professed superfan of the popular card game Shadowverse.  He introduces you to his friends and they eagerly show you how to play the game.

But when you decide to join the school's Shadowverse club, it turns out to be in danger of disbanding due to lack of members, and the student council president proclaims that the only way to save it is to increase club membership and with the national Shadowverse championship.  Not ready to throw in the towel just yet, you and Hiro decide to team up with Rei, the president (and only member) of the Shadowverse club, and restore the club to its former glory.

Explore countless unique locations in and around your new school, where events and encounters await in unexpected places!  Team up with your friends to help your classmates, compete in various tournaments, and aim to become national champion, all while working to save the Shadowverse club.


Enjoy intense battles in this one-on-one card game!

Players use three types of cards to devise strategies and strive for victory.  Become a master by skillfully playing cards, each with their own abilities, at the right time.

Create your ultimate deck

Build your decks and engage in battle with strategies you build from seven different classes, each with their own unique strengths, cards, and abilities.  Collect over 600 cards as you progress through the story.

Play with friends or take on players around the world

Enjoy ranked matches, free matches, and lobby matches, and even get new cards and exchange deck codes in online play.  You can also challenge your friends through local wireless play.

Encounter a colorful cast of characters

Familiar faces from the Shadowverse anime abound, but you'll meet new ones as well!  Deepen your connection with your friends as you complete quests and enjoy student life.

SHADOWVERSE: Champion's Battle
Game Title
SHADOWVERSE: Champion's Battle
Nintendo Switch™
1 (2 for Network Play)
August 10, 2021
Available Now!
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