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How to Play

01 Shadowverse Showdown!
At the start of battle, a player is chosen at random to go first.
Your strategy changes depending on if you go first or second!
02 Redraw Cards
Draw three cards for your first hand.  You can exchange cards in your hand at this time only.  Choose the cards you want to redraw.  The unwanted cards return to your deck and will be replaced with other random cards.
Redraw your cards if you don't have a good hand!
03 Turn Start
Draw one card at the start of your turn.  (The player going second draws two cards on their first turn.)
As they say, “Shadowverse showdown!”
04 Play Cards
You have 1 play point on your first turn.  You can play followers that cost 1 play point, like Bejeweled Dragon.  Followers cannot attack on the turn they are played, with a few exceptions.  When you finish your turn, tap the End Turn button.
The cards you can play glow green! ♪
05 Attack
After your opponent's turn ends, it's your turn.  Your maximum play points increase by 1, so you can now play a card that costs up to 2 points.  The follower you played on the previous turn can now attack the enemy leader or followers.  You are free to play cards and attack in any order you wish.
The order you play cards and attack is up to you.
06 Evolve
You gain the ability to evolve your followers as the battle progresses.  (This becomes available on your fifth turn if you went first or on your fourth turn if you went second.)  Select a follower on your field and press the Y button to evolve!

Upon evolution, followers become stronger and can attack enemy followers immediately.  The number of times you can evolve is limited, so be careful with the timing.  (You can evolve twice if you went first or three times if you went second.)

Evolution timing can give you an advantage when done correctly.
07 Aim for Victory
Drop your opponent's defense to 0 to win.  Make use of the effects of spells, amulets, and followers on your path to victory!
Let's bring our best to this battle!
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