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These terms and tips will help you understand what’s going on
during a Shadowverse battle.


The key component of battle.  Can be played to attack the enemy leader or their followers.


Cards that activate their effects immediately when played and are discarded after use.


Cards with various effects, such as being able to buff followers.  Their effects activate when played, but they can't attack or be attacked.


A classification that some cards have, such as “Officer” cards.  Some effects will only affect cards with a certain trait.


Cards that are summoned into play or put into a player's hand due to the effects of other cards.  They will not appear in the card list.


This represents you in battle.  If your leader’s defense drops to 0, you are defeated.


Classes determine your leader and the cards available for your deck.  Cards with a class can only be used by decks of that class, but Neutral cards can be inserted into any deck.  Types of classes include Dragoncraft, Forestcraft, and Runecraft.

Play Points

Used to play cards.  You gain 1 to your maximum play points and recover all used play points at the start of your turn.

Evolution Points

Used to evolve followers.  The player who goes first gets 2 evolution points, and the player who goes second gets 3 evolution points.


The amount of play points needed to play a card.  Displayed in the upper left corner of the card.  The cost cannot go below 0.

Attack (value)

The amount of damage a follower deals when it attacks.  It is displayed in the bottom left corner of follower cards.


The defense of leaders and followers decreases when they take damage.  While a follower is destroyed when their defense drops to 0, if a leader’s defense reaches 0, they are defeated.  A follower’s defense is displayed in the bottom right corner of their card.


The 40 cards a player takes into battle.  Draw 1 card from your deck at the start of your turn.  If you run out of cards to draw, you will be defeated.


This is where followers and amulets go after being played.  You can keep 5 cards on your field at a time.


This is where you hold cards you have drawn.  You can hold a maximum of 9 cards in your hand.  Any card drawn after the maximum becomes a shadow.


Use your play points to use cards from your hand.

Attack (action)

An attack is an action that causes your follower to deal damage to an enemy follower or leader.  Your follower will also receive damage from those followers that it attacks.  Starting the turn after they are played, followers can attack once per turn.

Evolve (action)

Use one evolution point to evolve one of your followers.  If you went first, you can start evolving followers on your fifth turn.  If you went second, you can start evolving on your fourth turn.


Recover the damage that your leader or a follower has taken.


In a battle, each player takes turns taking actions.  When it is your turn, you can play cards and attack.

Redraw Cards

At the start of battle, you can choose any number of the 3 cards in your hand and re-draw them.


Discard a follower or amulet that is on the field.  Followers that have their defense reduced to 0 are destroyed.


Remove a follower or amulet from battle completely.  Banished cards do not become shadows, nor do they affect your shadow count.


An effect that turns a card into another card.  In the event a card in play is transformed into a follower, it cannot attack that turn (with the exception of cards with Storm or Rush).


Fanfare effects activate when you play a follower or amulet from your hand using play points.

Last Words

Last Words effects activate when the card is destroyed.

Evolve (effect)

Evolve effects activate when you use evolution points to evolve a follower.


Strike effects activate when attacking an enemyThey do not activate when receiving attacks from enemy followers.


If followers with Ward are in play, they must be destroyed or banished before the leader or any other follower can be attacked.


Followers with Storm can attack on the same turn they're played.


Followers with Ambush can't be targeted by enemy spells, amulets, or followers.  They lose Ambush if they attack or deal damage.


Followers with Bane automatically destroy any other followers they attack.  Followers that attack them are automatically destroyed as well.  Even when a follower with Bane has 0 attack or the damage dealt is reduced to 0 by an enemy ability, the Bane ability will still activate.


Followers with Drain restore defense to your leader equal to the amount of damage dealt with attackingDrain doesn't activate when receiving attacks from enemy followers.


+/+ effects show how much attack and defense a follower gains.  A +1/+2 effect would let a follower gain 1 extra attack and 2 extra defense.


Countdown amulets have a number that counts down by 1 at the beginning of each turn once playedWhen the Countdown reaches 0, the amulet is destroyed.


Playing a spell card will enhance all cards with Spellboost in your hand in various ways, such as reducing their costs or increasing their stats.

Earth Rite

If you have an Earth Sigil amulet in play, it is automatically destroyed to activate Earth Rite effects.  This can happen when cards with Earth Rite are played, evolved using an evolution point, or under other specified conditions.


Overflow, Dragoncraft's signature effect, activates when you have at least 7 play point orbs.


If you have enough shadows, they're automatically spent to activate the Necromancy effects of a card.  This can happen when they're played, evolved using an evolution point, or under other specified conditions.


Vengeance, Bloodcraft's signature effect, activates when your leader's defense is 10 or lower.


Followers with Rush can attack enemy followers on the same turn they're played.  Like other followers, they can also attack the enemy leader starting from the next turn.


Clash effects activate before damage is dealt when attacking or defending against an enemy follower.  They do not activate when attacking an enemy leader.


Enhance effects activate when a follower is played from your hand at a higher play point value equal to the Enhance cost.

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