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Other Characters

  • Kobayashi

    The dorm supervisor at Tensei Academy.  Don’t be intimidated by his size.  He's actually gentle and kind.

  • Makise

    A teacher at Tensei Academy.  Laid-back and always ready for a nap, he seems to have some connection to the Shadowverse club’s past…

  • Takuma Kibakura
    Takuma Kibakura

    A delinquent at Tensei Academy.  His motto is “The weak don’t deserve to play Shadowverse.”

  • Mai

    The concierge at the Shadowverse Stadium.  She’s bright and cheerful, and she often says “Hullo, hullo!”  She loves her younger sister Ai.

  • Ai

    The concierge at the Underverse Arena.  She is quiet and composed.  Her older sister Mai is very precious to her.

  • Seiya Kibakura
    Seiya Kibakura

    A pro Shadowverse player and Takuma’s older brother.  He enjoys performing all kinds of magic.

  • Marcel Tabeoka
    Marcel Tabeoka

    The legendary chef who is a master of French, Japanese, and Italian cuisine, he “can do it all!”  He makes full use of his knowledge of cooking techniques while playing Shadowverse.

  • Miyabi Zaizenji
    Miyabi Zaizenji

    The heiress to the ultra-rich Zaizenji family.  She makes sure to use her wealth to her advantage.

  • Shiro Kiriyama
    Shiro Kiriyama

    A pro Shadowverse player.  He usually doesn’t show how he truly feels.

  • Zuo Onizuka
    Zuo Onizuka

    A youth who refers to Shadowverse as “hunting.”  He battles with Ko.

  • Ko Hebigami
    Ko Hebigami

    A listless youth.  He battles with Zuo.

  • Vivian Joubert
    Vivian Joubert

    One of the infamous Joubert sisters.  She profits off of playing Shadowverse by winning prize money.

  • Vanessa Joubert
    Vanessa Joubert

    One of the infamous Joubert sisters.  She profits off of playing Shadowverse by winning prize money.

  • Shigefumi Ryugasaki
    Shigefumi Ryugasaki

    Hiro’s grandfather.  He lives with Hiro and doesn’t like Shadowverse much.

  • Shiori Yonazuki
    Shiori Yonazuki

    Luca’s younger sister.  She has been in chronic health her whole life and is currently in the hospital.

  • Leon Aurenche
    Leon Aurenche

    President of Genesis Corp, the developer of Shadowverse.

  • Marguerite Valois
    Marguerite Valois

    Secretary to Leon, whose erratic behavior causes her much worry.

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